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How does RedPine work?
RedPine is essentially Airbnb meets Kickstarter, but for musicians and venues.

We allow up and coming artists to crowdbook their concerts. What this means is that artists select a venue listed on our platform, and a date on which the venue is open to artists. The artist then creates a campaign asking their fans to purchase tickets. The campaign has to satisfy certain minimum requirements like a headcount and minimum fixed feed.

Great thing is, the artists don't pay anything until their campaign reaches its goal - making the entire process risk free. When the campaign reaches its goal, the venue's fees are deducted from the total ticket sales and the funds are split between the Artists and RedPine. The artist never pay anything from their pockets.
If you're still unsure how we work, here's an example. Arthur the artist wants to perform at Venue X. In order to ensure he can perform there, Venue X wants $100 and at least 50 people to be present. When Arthur's campaign reaches its goal by selling at least 50 tickets, $100 will be deducted from the ticket sales and will be given to the venue. The rest will be split between Arthur and RedPine, with majority of the sales going to Arthur.

If you still want to learn more about us and how we work, you can reach us via facebook, twitter or email."