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RedPine is the first concert crowdbooking platform. Whether you're an artist looking to crowdfund a show, venue looking to boost business or a fan looking to attend unique concerts, we got you!
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A platform for everyone!
We're bringing artists, venues and fans together! It's how live music was and its how it should be.
Up and Coming Artists
We allow artists to crowdfund concerts. By selling tickets before a show is even booked, the artists and venues are guaranteed to benefit.
New Revenue for Venues
By enabling artists to crowdfund concerts at venues, there is a direct increase in revenue - You can boost your sales and get paid a fixed cost for renting your space.
Risk Free
Fans can support their local artists and venues by pledging to a campaign. You're only charged when a campaign reaches its goal so you don't need to think twice before giving your support.
Ticket Distribution
We take care of everything. You don't need to worry about distributing tickets or collecting funds. We'll manage everything for you... Yeah, we're kinda cool!
Revenue Report
Artists and venues get special reports highlighting their sales, how much they are expected to make from a certain concert or in a certain time.
Always a Party
Venues and promoters will never have to worry about empty venues. If you're opening your doors, we guarantee you'll be happy with the turnout.
RedPine for Artists
We're built FOR artists! It's time we give local artists room to enjoy what they love; music. It's just a matter of finding an available venue, and creating a campaign. In our Beta, we'll even help your campaign reach its goal.

Have any questions? Contact us via our facebook, twitter, or email. Or see our FAQ for more information,
  FAQ for Artists
RedPine for Venues
We're helping venues make sure they make the most of their nights. It's just a matter of listing yourself on the website and artists will bring out the crowd. Easy as one, two, three!

Have any questions? Contact us via our facebook, twitter, or email. Or see our FAQ for more information,
  FAQ for Venues
Watch the video to see how we work
Trust us, this is a pretty cool video and we think it'll really show you how we work!
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Check out all the artists, venues and concerts currently on the platform. We have concerts coming up to ensure there is always a RedPine party in the city!
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