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RedPine is the premier show-booking platform. Whether you're an artist looking to play a show, a venue striving to boost business, or a fan seeking talent in your city, RedPine is for you! It's free to join, so don't wait.
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A platform for everyone!
We're bringing artists, venues and fans together! Join our community of music lovers and let’s make your next concert bigger and better.
Book Venues
We have every venue listed in one place, forget about all those annoying back and forth emails. Pick the best venue for you and book it in seconds.
Meet Artists
Your sound is unique, but there are plenty of artists that compliment you. Meet musicians on RedPine and play shows together.
Sell Tickets
Know exactly how many tickets each performing act sold and split the sales however you prefer.
Track Performance
Get signed easier: know everything about your concerts. Everything from who bought tickets to your show to how many people you played in front of.
Crowdfund Concerts
A feature completely unique to RedPine. Crowdfund your concert and only commit to shows that will have a great crowd.
Find Opportunities
Don't want to organize your own show? See which shows are looking for an extra act and join theirs.
RedPine for Artists
We created our platform FOR artists. We asked musicians what would empower them to perform more often, then built RedPine around those needs. Book a venue, connect with supporting acts and handle your sales all in one spot. Booking a show has never been easier!

Have any questions? Contact us via our facebook, twitter, email, or see our FAQ for more information.
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RedPine for Venues
We're helping venues make the most of their hours of operation. List your venue, set your criteria for a show, and let our artists bring out the crowd. Easy as one, two, three!

Have any questions? Contact us via our facebook, twitter, email, or see our FAQ for more information.
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An intro to RedPine
Whether you're performing for your first time or planning a tour, learn how RedPine enables you to play more shows.
Join our exciting Beta!
Check out the artists, venues and concerts currently on the platform. Register today to join our community of music lovers!
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